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... MA-Table Software-Support

The MA Table software was developed for simulation of X-ray spectra produced in the electron microscope (X-ray excitation with electrons). Line-energies, absorption edges and other atomic data are stored in a quite comprehensive table. By changes of the excitation conditions (settings on the electron microscope) the effect on the produced X-ray spectrum can be verified easily and finally the influence to the detection limits. A function for the identification of the elements visible in the X-ray spectrum as peaks is implemented. Thus the software can be used as supplementing tool for each EDX, in order to support the analyst at the SEM (scanning electron microscope) or TEM (transmission electron microscope) work.

The MA-Table software is available without fees only for personal use of an individual. It is only necessary to switch on the software via a legitimation code after any installation with a new computer. No personal indications are required. It is only to count number of copies and to guarantee the copyrights.

MA-Table Software Registration Code

Not all functions are usable. A copy and the storing of data and calculated spectra images are not possible. The maximum display of spectra images is suppressed. There are no functions implemented to edit data.
   If you want to use MA-Table for business or teaching, then you will need a full license which is coupled to a personal-, institution- or company- permission code. Please request for conditions to get a full license:

  MA-Table License

Now it is possible to purchase an individual license directly in the brand new "MA Online-Shop" (easy to pay with credit card):

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You will find there a short explaining- tour through MA-Table with descriptions of the main functionalities:    Manual MA-Table   


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